<strong>Pregnant and breastfeeding women</strong> 1

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life because she is carrying a new life inside her. However, when we encounter pregnancy issues that make life difficult, it can be frustrating and sometimes exhausting. True, most of them go away after childbirth, but why not eliminate or at least alleviate them earlier and enjoy your pregnancy without any harmful effects on the baby.

Mothers, too, face particular challenges related to their postnatal psycho-physical state, breastfeeding, and baby care.

I provide advice on how to handle pregnancy issues, such as:

As many, sometimes rapid, changes occur during pregnancy, and knowing that it is easier to maintain physical balance preventively than to regain it after a fall, I offer a PREGNANCY PACKAGE, which includes the option of following a woman throughout her pregnancy. We can meet in my office or online (the whole work can be done long distance). This package includes regular counselling for natural, individually tailored Physical Support, Energetic Support as needed, and Personal Bach Remedy Blend.

…as well as issues that may arise following childbirth, such as:

People also come to me when they are having difficulty getting pregnant, having recurrent miscarriages, or are experiencing infertility.

I often recommend the following along with Holistic Counselling: