You two are not paired up randomly. A partnership, with all of its difficulties, presents chances for inner growth and progressing in the direction of your heart.

Furthermore, relationships are about growing and learning from one another. Naturally, this is where the relationship takes centre stage. Finding a place to live and learning to navigate life together are the tasks of such a relationship. Our hearts must be opened in order to accomplish this. The other feels accepted and understood when the heart is open. This calls for thoughtfulness, honesty, and generosity… We must develop our ability to listen, communicate, and make wise decisions.

I learn the reasons why couples cannot hear each other, the problems that exist and their causes, the extent to which each spouse is playing his or her “role,” and the areas where there is still untapped but essential potential that someone may add to the relationship to make it better, to enable cooperation. Only in this way are partners able to walk together on a shared road. There always comes a time when a couple must see what they cannot see, understand what they cannot understand, and adopt a new perspective if they want to stay together. These are difficulties that promote inner development at the same time. Without the truth, a partnership cannot last.

Since each partner situation has a unique narrative to tell, I customise my therapies and counselling for each client. In a private Partner Counselling session or in a Group Dynamics workshop with individual counselling, I can provide you with support and advice. The first changes in the partner relationship can theoretically be made after just one visit.