Babies and toddlers 1

For a time after birth, the baby is the focus of all our attention. When such a tiny creature develops various problems, parents are usually asking ourselves hundreds of questions. Fears, doubts, and even panic can strike quickly.

Many problems, fortunately, can be greatly alleviated or even eliminated by simple natural approaches and methods that address the root causes and stabilise the energy system. Understanding what is going on inside the child often helps us resolve the situation. I can detect this by examining the child’s biofield and presenting you with its “internal map.

Children’s rapid growth and intensive development make it difficult to maintain physical balance. The time of development of the immune system, which is intense and critical in the first years of life, is especially important because it will (or will not) support us throughout our lives. A major challenge is determining how to assist while minimising the use of pharmaceuticals. Nonetheless, we can effectively manage the problems with well-chosen natural and gentle PHYSICAL body support So there is no need for issues to become routine or for you to get caught in a vicious circle.

Babies and younger children should preferably not be present at the session for a more successful and smooth counselling session. I “talk” to them long distance.

I offer natural remedies for issues, such as:

I often recommend the following along with Holistic Counselling: