Finding the root cause of the problem is essential to effective treatment, even in animals. A dog is said to be an exact reflection of its owner. This holds true not just for dogs, but also for other kinds of domesticated animals, like cats, horses, etc. Animals can sense their owner’s energy because they pick up both positive and negative electromagnetic waves from their surroundings. They are especially perceptive to the owner’s emotional condition as well as the energy of the space. The energetic imbalances of an owner and/or a space can therefore be reflected in an animal. The physical state of the animal can be improved, or at the very least made easier for the body, if the root causes can be successfully treated. Despite what it may seem, an animal’s decision to become ill is frequently their own. In order to provide the animal another choice, the best we as owners can do is to maintain our own mental and physical soundness.

Profit from the message that our animal friends are trying to convey.

When the root causes are addressed or supportive energy is provided, resolution most frequently occurs at subtle levels. As supplemental support, I frequently suggest the Personal Bach Remedy Blend and Colour Therapy.