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Do you dare to look at what is really causing your dissatisfaction, health issues, family, relationship, or work problems?

It would be difficult to find someone who is completely satisfied with their life. Many people believe that such a state is unattainable. And looking around us proves us right in some ways.

But if you have arrived here, it means you want to change.

If you agree, I invite you to the Group Dynamics workshop or one of the therapies available It all depends on what you need and what makes sense for the type of problem at hand. Our meeting is only the beginning, but it is the beginning of something that can bring about the change you seek.

An awared person who is willing to face the truth and accept responsibility for their health and life will try to change their mindset. This initiates the self-healing process.

The ability to understand and accept the principles of the interconnection between the body, the energetic state, and the soul world, as well as the willingness to change, are prerequisites for successful Holistic Counselling (link). As a result, anyone desiring individual treatment should schedule an appointment alone.