Well over two years ago, a friend told me about Jasna after my first son was 4.5 years old while my second son kept us waiting… The gynaecologist said: “Everything is fine with you.” Apparently, it was only then that it was time for me to look beyond academic medicine and I was completely taken by Karmic Diagnostics. Meeting Jasna was anything but what I expected. She presented my energy deficiencies in such a way that I just looked at her blankly. “No, I certainly don’t, that doesn’t really apply to me, I’m not like that…” It took me a couple of weeks for things to mature in me and be ready to be put away. During this time I felt more connected to myself than ever before, calm enough to go to a new level. Today I have a 9-month-old son whose eyes radiate a wonderful energy that seems to have found its place in my kidneys again before his conception.