When my first-grader was in great distress, I sought help from Jasna. He cried every day at school, and even when he came home, as soon as the conversation or situation came up in regard to school, he cried. It got to the point where my husband and I were seriously considering enrolling him in another school 30 kilometres away from home, or even home schooling. The situation was really critical, the whole family was suffering, and we were looking for solutions. Jasna explained to us the reasons for his hardship and we began to understand him better at home and to accept him exactly as he is. With the energetic support and the personal blend, the situation unexpectedly not only improved, but even changed completely. For the first few days, the shifts were very small, barely perceptible. After only three weeks, he even started to go to school happily, and at home he spoke about school and his commitments with a smile. The teacher also commented that he had changed completely, that he no longer cried at school, cooperated, that he had become very independent, and that he was happy about his achievements. We are extremely grateful to Jasna for helping us through this situation, which at the beginning seemed unsolvable.