I had never thought about taking a Reiki course, but it was definitely meant to be. The decision came suddenly. Today, I am very grateful to Jasna for leading me on this path. Reiki, and especially Jasna with her immense wisdom, human kindness, and the right words at the right time, have helped me to be more in touch with myself than I have ever been before in my life. Since I have taken the course and I have been dedicating my time to Reiki every day, I’m getting to know myself in a new way, I’m seeing myself more objectively, I’m seeing and accepting my mistakes, and I’m more at peace. I am now more aware of my feelings and can deal with them more effectively. I can shake off negative thoughts more easily, and I accept the bad things that come my way with gratitude, not giving in to them and giving in to bad moods. I now accept situations, which, for a long time, used to derail me and weigh me down, as gifts, challenges that will bring me important new experiences and from which something wonderful will be born.