The first lecture I had the opportunity to listen to was on the interaction between children and parents. It opened new perspectives on how important my every thought, action, and experience are for my children and my family, how unnecessary all fears, all worries.

Because of my youngest daughter’s allergies, I later started going to see Jasna for individual consultations. I am grateful that with each new meeting she opened my eyes and taught me how it is not all about the physical body, how much more important the mental-spiritual level is for us. I was beginning to understand the deeper connections between people. With Jasna’s help, I was eventually able to perceive for myself where the root causes of the health problems we were experiencing were. What I appreciate about Jasna is that she is straightforward and tells me where I am making mistakes and what my weaknesses are. She is also always full of suggestions for a good read, giving me the opportunity to grow personally, to work on myself. I have begun to realise that we make our own illnesses by bad thoughts, emotions, experiences, actions. When something unpredictable happens in my daily life, I try to remember Jasna’s typical words: “Everything is exactly as it should be. Have confidence!” Jasna, thank you. I am doing my best.