Of all my encounters with teachers on the path to my independence, meeting Jasna was the easiest for me; mainly because of the way she is able to convey information. I wanted to hear myself, to trust myself. I told her what I was interested in and where I was getting stuck, and I always received a hint that helped me to move forward. Every time our timetables coincided so that I could attend her lecture or teaching, she always extracted a particular lesson attached to the topic discussed as a special gift for me, which I took home with me in my heart and processed on my own. This gift was presented unconditionally and I never perceived it as a test, or a feeling of someone being above, and someone below; it was just an idea containing a small formula: What if you place this thinking pattern in the processing of events, what do you see then? And then all of a sudden I saw books, texts, events in a new way.

I immensely appreciated Jasna’s absolute virtue, namely that everyone walks their own path, be it her friend, her client, or her child. I am infinitely glad that she published this lecture for us, because I recognised the sprout and really came to love her due to this little flower that has grown. I knew that she knew that there is no one-size-fits-all way. And it is very brave to publish this. While others are inventing special names for their practise to make it a movement, if not a new religion, she comes naked. I have no universal knowledge. Go on, let’s find it within ourselves! Absolutely.