A great experience. I am grateful for every minute I spent on the mantra. I see this project as a test, a purification, and an invitation. On the first day I was blessed with a visit from the Master, who was a welcome test and purification. 40 days seems like a long time, and somewhere in the middle it seems even longer, but in the end it just flows by. During this period the mind calmed down, the self-judgement subsided. Unfinished things from the past, ideas for the future came to the surface. They were purified through the mantra, so that I had a clear picture and vision for the future. It spoke to me to take action, to start creating. In a simple way, it showed me that planning life is better. You realise that time is not a certainty. The more I moved towards the end, the more enthusiastically I approached the mantra. But on the last day, on the last evening, I was invited by the Master to his shrine. There was a tremendously strong energy of love, which connects everyone and everything. The energy of Life, of the incorporeal. It was an invitation to enter into the mantra and continue my practise.

Of course, there were moments when I had to go beyond my limitations and prove to my mind that I could do it: to show the will, the strength and to guide the “stubbornness” properly, in particular, how to channel and direct an emotion, an energy.

Jasna, thank you. You are a great mentor who knows when and where to support a person.