I got in touch with Jasna in a rather “strange” way. A friend of mine, a mum of four, sent me her website. I didn’t know how to help myself with Jasna Matjašič. What does Holistic Counselling mean, what does she do, how does she heal, etc.?

My baby had colic at the time, how could Jasna help me with that? Back then her leaflet ended up in my drawer.

Eventually, a message reached me about her lecture on fever, which I attended, and I learned new things about this mysterious and frightening friend of our body. Fever has always been a signal for panic and alarm for me. After this lecture, I naturally changed my perspective on the body’s feverish state. Jasna is still a great support and help to me today, especially when it comes to my daughter’s cough and/or fever. With her invaluable knowledge of the body’s thermal laws, she gives individually tailored advice on how to help the body find its balance and thus regulate its temperature, using water in a simple, natural, and body-friendly way. I am slowly learning to do this myself.

During the lecture itself, I felt that Jasna maybe could help me with my current problem. Every now and then, my daughter was getting hives all over her body. Bioresonance was indicating a lactose allergy. Somehow I didn’t believe that this was all true. I felt maybe Jasna could help me. So I booked a treatment, and I went there a bit anxious, because I didn’t know what lies ahead. All these expressions of what she was doing were a bit scary.

And indeed, Jasna found the cause of my daughter’s hives in me and my thinking and feeling. Some food was just a trigger for the hives, we didn’t even look for what it was, but we became aware of the cause and eliminated it. Of course, I still had some work to do at home. And I was successful; the hives disappeared without any medication. My next visit was for myself. I realised that there was still a lot to be done on the physical level (for the body to recover after childbirth) and on the mental level. Certain things surprised me, in the sense of “no I’m not like that at all”, but when I became honest to and critical of myself, I saw that she was right.

That was the beginning of my journey of self-discovery and self-development. Many times, when I am in a dilemma, I call her and get the answer I definitely need. With her help, I try to find the cause of every illness and eliminate it, not just suppress it by treating the symptoms. And, of course, not forgetting her invaluable help on how to use natural remedies to help the body with various ailments, especially fevers and colds. I am grateful that Jasna Matjašič came my way.