We were encountering problems with our first-born after only one week — he was having cramps and was crying for hours. This was followed by a slight reddening on his bottom, which spread and eventually was joined by sores. After a few weeks, his mouth turned white with plaque as well. A nuisance that just wouldn’t end. Not wanting to burden the tiny creature with various substances, we tried different advice from relatives. But only when we came in touch with Jasna and with her help and advice we approached the problem holistically. We realised how important it is to critically evaluate and properly understand information in times of information flood. With a simple but right choice of natural ingredients, our problems started to subside. We liked that we were also warned about the possible reaction of the body and the other symptoms that can occur. We were ready to take action immediately and not just when things became difficault again. We would not hesitate in recommending Jasna to everyone.