September was a month of radical change for us — our son started first grade of primary school. Although he was very excited about this event and is a very curious boy (he is interested in all sorts of things that he will only learn in school in a few years), after the first few days he faced a crisis.
It started in the evening, at bedtime, when he complained that school was not how he had imagined it, that they played little and sat a lot, that he missed me, etc. In the morning, his tummy kept hurting and he was ill-tempered. Of course, it was immediately clear to me what was going on. My not-yet-6-year-old was experiencing considerable anxieties in a situation that was new to him. The transition to school was obviously causing him a lot of stress.
I soon thought of Jasna and Bach’s flower essences. I sent her a message, describing the challenges we were facing and asking her for a personal blend for my son.
Jasna carefully selected the particular flower essences, and gave me great advice over the phone. She explained and told me everything I wanted to know, and there was a lot I already knew, but it’s so good to hear it from someone else. She gave me advice on the essences and their dosage. Talking to her was really beneficial for me and encouraged me.
So we started dosing his personal blend of Bach’s flower essences on a regular basis (four times a day). I didn’t expect results overnight, because I knew that these are not easy things and that time is needed here too. So I was even more surprised when within a week Maj experienced a complete change — he told me that he was having a good time at school, that he didn’t miss me anymore and that he liked it. Wow, I said! That was quick.
That was my first, but certainly not my last, experience with Bach’s flower essences. Being open to alternative ways of doing things, and trying these first, I once again got further confirmation that we can always help ourselves in a natural and harmless way.

Jasna, thank you so much for spreading your knowledge among us and helping us.