I joined Jasna’s therapy because at some point I faced a kind of dead end. Despite all the books I had read, all the knowledge I had, I didn’t know how to move forward or backward. When Jasna and I became aware of the root causes of the problem, a wave of emotions was triggered at home, and then gradually I was able to face and overcome the root causes of the situation I was in.

Jasna gently but resolutely presents a holistic picture of the situation at a given moment in time. She is a real treasure trove of intuition, knowledge, and information that can help people and at the same time make the search much easier. She provides concrete information on how to help oneself not only mentally but also physically at a given moment. At least for me, this is worth its weight in gold, as I’m lost in the flood of all the recommended “healthy” supplements.

Jasna, thank you for being here.