Reiki is an ancient natural healing method that brings harmony to all levels of consciousness.

We establish a more intense connection with the Divine, universal life energy, the energy of unconditional love and light, through Reiki. It is a high-vibrational energy that promotes inner transformation and self-healing. It is available to everyone and flows through all (living) beings on this planet, but we cut ourselves off from the source far too often because of how we live, think, and feel.

It is as natural as breathing to receive universal life energy. We can feel more life energy flowing to us in a Reiki session because it is a technique for opening ourselves to the flow of universal energy. As a result, Reiki relaxes us, which is very pleasant and soothing.

Reiki, or laying on of hands, benefits everyone who receives it because it:

Reiki healing session in person

We set up an appointment lasting up to 45 minutes. You remian dressed and lie down on my massage table in a comfotable way. You can keep your eyes either open or closed. Just immerse in the therapy where I place my hands in various ways and places to impact the flow of energy. It frequently occurs that you lose sense of time and space due to the incredibly calming effect. The therapy lasts 30 minutes and is followed by a short discussion.
In order to strengthen the energetic stability, it is advisable to perform 2 more repetitions within 14 days, which can also be done long distance (Holistic Energetic Support).

The session, which lasts 45 minutes, including the discussion, costs €70.

Reiki induces a state of deep relaxation.


As a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, I can teach and initiate you in this wonderful technique for personal growth, mental and spiritual development, individually or in courses for adults and children (10+ years) to help you practise and benefit from Reiki yourself. There are three basic levels of traditional Reiki. There are three basic levels of traditional Reiki. Attunements to levels 1, 2, and 3 are completed before receiving the master symbol.

Level 1 activates self-healing and is used to work on oneself (and later to support and help others) for health problems, feeling unwell, fatigue, and disease. The effects are most visible on the physical level: we heal our bodies and our relationships with it so that they function more harmoniously and energetically. We concentrate primarily on ourselves, strengthening our connection with life energy and expanding our capacity for self-healing. However, it can also be used for protection, cleansing spaces, and enriching food and water.

On level 2, self-healing is most intense at the emotional and relationship levels — particularly those we have with ourselves (self-image, self-esteem, feelings of guilt, etc.), but it also heals relationships with others. This level further expands the possibility of offering Reiki sessions to others and working long distance.

Level 3 is for those who are willing to devote some time each day to the Reiki method. This level delves deeper into areas, such as creativity, ethics, and spiritual development, with the goal of learning unconditional love and acceptance of life. The work is more demanding, requiring the practitioner to regularly put his/her own house in order, as the saying goes.

Although we do not all have the same initial potential, anyone can receive Reiki initiations and learn its fundamental rules. Reiki promotes self-healing and personal development for one’s highest good. I recommend Reiki as a tool and aid for self-healing (balancing body, soul, and spirit to heal oneself) first, and then as a support for healing others.

I usually teach Reiki on an individual basis, but you can also join the courses I announce from time to time.