I provide systemic support to the physical body based on a distinctive evaluation of your condition, as seen through an examination of your biofield. I suggest gentle, natural treatments that are individualised and work synergistically to help the body rebalance.

Physical support (synergistic systemic support for the body) is recommended when:

Physical support provided by biofield insight includes:

If necessary and for an additional charge, I can provide advice on and preparation of:


  1. DISCUSSION OF YOUR PROBLEMS (in person, by email or phone)
  2. EXAMINATION AND MEASUREMENT (no need of your physical attendance – can be done long distance, online or in person) To determine your body’s condition, I shall conduct a comprehensive analysis. I determine the state of your body with precision by examining the biofield and up to 108 body parameters. I detect which organs are experiencing more energy stress, whether the diet is adequate and balanced, the levels of hydration, immune function, gut flora, acidity, mucus congestion, toxicity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the performance of the various organs, etc.
  3. COUNSELLING (in person or via Zoom app) – Based on my conclusions, I provide you with recommendations for the necessary adjustments as well as natural treatments and preparations that support the body simultaneously at all levels and organ systems by working synergistically (in the right combination to maximise the effect of each individual active ingredient). They serve as a catalyst, accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. These adjustments may include diet, as well as other areas, such as lifestyle behaviours or the use of particular preparations and/or methods of impact on the physical body.

It is up to you to make the essential changes following the counselling in order to anticipate improvements in your health and well-being.

The methods used in physical support are natural and chosen with a holistic view of the physical situation. They work to support the body in rebalancing itself. Natural and body-friendly preparations do not result in additional harm thanks to the support of self-healing processes and their mild action, but they do demand a bit more patience and trust. The symptoms typically go away once the balance has been restored, but it is still essential to continue living a healthy lifestyle after that.

Usually, I advise buying things that are certified organic, ideally local. I prefer to use herbs and spices, personal herbal blends, oils, nutritional supplements, acupressure, essential oils, and water for therapeutic purposes. In this way, you can actually apply the methods and preparations that are effective, safe, and worth buying.

However, we often cannot anticipate longer-lasting effects if, in addition to physical support, we have not addressed the root cause of the issue which has manifested itself at a physical level.

There are two services available, with the consulting time varying between the two but the scope of the analysis remaining the same.

Option 1:


Suitable for the first session, if you are not familiar with my work, concepts, explanations, and have:

The treatment lasting 120 minutes costs €160.

Option 2:


Suitable for clients who are familiar with my work, have no significant issues, and:

The treatment lasting 30 minutes costs €80.