It includes techniques for the physical body, energetic state, and for addressing the underlying reasons of a certain issue or situation. The individual approaches work in concert to maximise their impact and provide more complex and long-lasting solutions.

As I am persuaded that there is no one-size-fits-all method that is appropriate for every person and every issue, Holistic Counselling and Biotherapy are a special combination of several techniques that I intuitively combine.

My approach is primarily based on what I know and have done with regard to Karmic Diagnostics, Biorgonomy, Family Constellation, Reiki, and the PEAT method. Additionally, I frequently employ conventional medical practises (Indian and Chinese), Bach’s Flower Essence Therapy, Steiner’s Anthroposophy, various forms of meditation, Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy, and a variety of nutritional and body-supporting natural remedies. If necessary, I also use a Radiesthesia pendulum to assist me. During the session, the persons confront themselves to an extent that they are still able to perceive and accept, and are therefore able to outgrow.

A holistic (comprehensive) approach to treating people is based on:

  1. Finding and addressing the actual cause of a particular problem, condition, or illness (mental-spiritual level)
  2. Supporting the person energetically
  3. The effective support of the physical body

One holistic treatment lasts up to 2 hours and is fully individualised.

I operate on the (physical, mental, or spiritual) level where it is necessary for you to make a shift. It is crucial that you explain why you have come to me or what you need and expect when you visit, since not all difficulties can be resolved in a single session. I recommend a treatment strategy that will enable you to choose where you would like to start based on your challenges and preferences. However, people frequently leave that decision up to me.

During the session, we examine and learn about natural, holistic ways to assist the body physically or the true, subtle reasons that underlie and sustain the issue. In every one-on-one session, you will spontaneously receive holistic Energetic Support.

Your ability to recover does not depend on me since I do nothing for you but teach you how to effectively help yourself and reconnect to Life. People are pleased with the strategy, and those that adhere to the recommendations report positive outcomes of the advice given and the resolving of issues.

One session is frequently sufficient to effect change, regardless of the scope of the action.

Two appointments, spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart, are reasonable and required to address the issue at hand, if the primary generators are connected to both energetic and physical imbalances (mental-spiritual aspects).

The impact of the session is the same whether it is held in Maribor in person or entirely online.

When your child is receiving treatment, only you are present at the session, as I “discuss” everything with the child long distance.

The treatment lasting up to 2 hours costs €170.