Whose backpack are you carrying?

A gathering of a random group of people united by a guiding theme in accordance with the universal order. Workshop bring insights to everyone, depending on the way in which they participate. They can set the scene, participate actively, or simply observe. Everything is, in any case, exactly as it should be. Each experience is distinct and liberating.


Group dynamics is a unique therapeutic technique that combines Hellinger Family Constellations, Karmic Diagnostics, Usui Reiki, and Regression Therapy. Beba Splichal, therapist and founder of the New School of Natural Healing, developed it over many years of therapeutic work. The unique combination of Group Dynamics allows for a precise insight into the truth of a situation.

There are other ways to gain this insight, but many people find that seeing and understanding a situation in a Group Dynamics workshop is easier than listening and hearing it in a one-on-one holistic treatment. It is easier for some people to see and feel at the same time. Then, because of the unique way information is communicated, this technique is especially useful. Only when information is received and understood is it useful.

Group Dynamics is unique as it takes place in a small circle of people, with everyone participating as much or as little as they want. It also has the added benefit of being “non-intrusive.” The person who is resolving his or her situation/problem is simply observing. She/He observes the “drama” of her/his story, what happens between the characters. The setting speaks for itself; there is no external narrator.

Group Dynamics is an event that brings together a random group of people who are connected by a driving theme.

I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE, but especially to those who:

Participation teaches all participants a lesson:

  • Those who set their own “dynamics,”
  • Those who take on the role of a representative/actor in the settings of other participants,
  • And those who simply observe.

Those who set up gain an energetic understanding of the situation. Because they have witnessed the workings of reason, they understand, see, and accept the truth more easily on a soul level. The inner action that allows insight also allows for actual steps forward, and the person can decide for him- or herself what to put down and what to carry forward into life.

Those who play a part do not truly play that part. It is like putting on someone else’s clothes. They simply enter the story, live it, and feel what is going on in the other person. They are fully aware that they are the medium, and because they do not lose touch with themselves, they also do not remain in the other person’s story. They gain an understanding of the other person’s experience and, as a result, develop compassion.

Observers can also find a piece of themselves or their own situation in each Dynamics. It makes it easier for them to accept it and avoid repeating it. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel after laying down some of the burden.

In any case, whether you pose, play, or simply observe, the learning is intense.

All participants are linked in some way. The more the person setting up wants to see the real situation and him- or herself, the more will be revealed to the person representing or playing. This is because everything occurs in the quantum field of Oneness. My job as a medium is to allow the energy to pass through so that the actor/actress can suddenly feel, perceive, think, and physically sense the person they are portraying.

We all become mediums, and all I do is moderate the story. I seek the truth and the highest good for all involved while keeping spiritual laws in mind. The teammates are always real, and the emotion is always genuine. There are no culprits. And each experience is unique.

I look for the energy flow in Group Dynamics. I follow that energy and look for anything that is impeding it. (Also in life, we are most closely connected to love.)

Something may stand in the way of love between two people. It frequently turns out that when we are unable to accept something as a fact, it becomes an impediment. However, if we can see something and thus accept it, we can also withdraw from it.

Seeing and accepting the truth, even if it is not what we want or expect, liberates us


GROUP DYNAMICS employs energy healing techniques to heal relationships. It is based on the phenomenon of energy fields within a group of people, which allows situations to unfold as they are in this type of workshop. No buts, no masks, no games. The (often invisible) essence can thus be revealed.

Your change has an impact on others as well. When you change, so does your relationship with the other person. When that relationship changes, so does the person’s response, and thus the person.

If you are a parent who has come primarily for the benefit of your children, this will have a profoundly redemptive impact on their lives. They will be able to move on in their own way because you will not be burdening them with unresolved issues.

When you clarify the fundamental model with your father and mother, you always learn something new about yourself!

What the dynamics reveal is determined by how much one dares to let go of the mind and how prepared one is for a genuine experience. The very courage to look inside oneself causes profound changes.

We can feel our “wings spread” if we just take one step beyond our limits.

We frequently expect the setting to comfort us, but it never does. In fact, it frequently hurts us because it shows us what we are avoiding and what we do not want to see. The relief and pleasure come later as a result of honesty and truth. When we reclaim our strength.

What matters is how we live. We have no problem despite the challenges if we live honestly, according to our own convictions, if we are happy with ourselves, and if we are where we want to be.

Group Dynamics demonstrates very clearly what is essential and how simple life truly is.