If you find yourself in a circumstance where you need more strength than you currently possess, energetic support can be really beneficial.

In these circumstances, I provide you with many forms of support, both in-person and long distance, as well as the time and space to rest, relax, and experience the inner peace that will enable you to continue on your path.

I provide energetic support in the following ways:

Depending on your overall energetic state, I prepare energy drops, a unique combination of flower essences that will gently speak to you from within, support you in feeling like yourself again, and enable you to rebalance. I prepare them long distance. (https://tockatvojemoci.si/trgovina/).

Reiki healing session in person

We set up an appointment lasting up to 45 minutes. You remain dressed and lie down on my massage table in a comfotable way. You can keep your eyes either open or closed. Just immerse in the therapy where I place my hands in various ways and places to impact the flow of energy. It frequently occurs that you lose sense of time and space due to the incredibly calming effect. The therapy lasts 30 minutes and is followed by a short discussion.
In order to strengthen the energetic stability, it is advisable to perform 2 more repetitions within 14 days, which can also be done long distance.
The therapy, which lasts 45 minutes, including the discussion, costs €70.

When I offer comprehensive energetic support, I solely deal with energy transmission and aid your self-healing processes; I don’t get entangled in complex root-cause analysis. Energy stabilisation proceeds more swiftly with such assistance. The energy simply pours through to you. In this way, the energy flow is re-established gradually and for your highest good.
In all individual sessions, both in person and online, you receive spontaneous holistic energetic support.

Additionally, I provide long distance and in person holistic energetic support, which is accomplished in two ways through an energetic connection with the person receiving the energy:

  1. Option 1:

It is best to choose a quiet place free from interruptions at the designated time. Turn off your phone and internet if at all possible. It is crucial to feel comfortable whether you sit or lie down. Your eyes can be open or closed. After the session, give yourself a good 20 minutes to absorb the energy. After that, it is best to stay in the present moment and relax for another 10 minutes. People frequently nod off or fall asleep during this time.

In order to consolidate the energetic stability, 3 repetitions over the course of 14 days are recommended.

One-time support: €30

Package of 3 supports: €80

Option 2:

I can provide you with long distance support whenever and wherever you need it, whether it be for an energetic crisis, acute distress, an important appointment, an exam, a shock, a visit to the doctor or dentist, a medical condition, surgery preparation, post-operative recovery, hospitalisation, or accompanying a dying person (including an animal). You just need to express your desire to be assisted; no extra preparation is required.

Price: €30−50 per day, depending on your situation

I would be delighted to instruct you in the following techniques to help you BECOME MORE INDEPENDENT: