A completely natural holistic healing method with no side effects. It functions by utilising the healing information contained in various flower essences diluted in water. It primarily stabilises the energy field and heals the soul and, through it, the body.

Bach’s Flower Essence Therapy addresses the root causes of illness rather than just the symptoms. The highly diluted flower extracts (essences) carry the information of the flower’s healing potential and, through their vibration, influence the individual’s emotional state, assisting in the transformation of destructive emotional states into more constructive feelings for us. They aid in the restoration of mental balance by, for example, replacing fear, anger, and sadness with qualities of courage, contentment, and joy. Since Bach’s Flower Essences influence a person’s inner transformation, they help to heal the true, non-material causes of illness and can thus contribute to healing. It is a simple and effective support in the form of drops, with no side effects and no limit to how much can be used. It is appropriate for all age groups, is suitable for the more sensitive population, and is also beneficial to animals and plants. It is not a replacement for conventional treatments, but it is an effective complement to them when combined with the right essences.

The Flower Essence Therapy was developed in the first half of the 20th century by the English physician Dr Edward Bach, who was looking for preparations that would primarily address the causal level of disease and balance foremost stressful emotional states. As a result, he invented and developed a method of assisting others by using essences that act directly on our emotional perception of the world. It is a completely natural and free holistic healing method that works by transmitting information through water. It is a practical aid in daily life that heals the soul first, and only through it, the body, thereby preventing disease conditions, improving general well-being, harmonising emotional distress and challenges, and restoring inner balance. The essences always work differently for each individual. The essences help to balance emotions and calm down in times of crisis, to keep a clear head, and to cope with stress by alleviating the individual’s various mental distresses. However, because stressful situations elicit a wide range of emotions in us, focusing on a single, albeit dominant, theme or essence is rarely effective. A combination of essences works better, but it must address the primary inner turmoil (Personal Bach Remedy Blend). The essences are always effective, but the key to effectiveness is finding the right combination.

Personal Bach Remedy Blends effectively reduce and eliminate sleep problems, nausea during pregnancy, nervousness, sadness, depression, feelings of insecurity, weepiness, irritability, and other symptoms. They also work well for headaches, stomach problems, allergies, asthma, dermatitis, and other skin, urinary, or respiratory problems where a person’s psycho-emotional state is important in the recovery process.

They are like the most genuine friend who hugs, uplifts, and caresses us on the inside.

Many people report feeling more calm, courageous, and confident after taking it. A personal blend is even more important in today’s demanding and fast-paced world, because in the stress of daily life, we often need support to regain our own balance and find our own oasis of calm.

Bach essences are also useful and effective in a variety of stressful situations and emotional instability. They make it easier to achieve and/or maintain inner balance even during turbulent times. (Rescue Remedy) Rescue Remedy (link Shop) is the only pre-made formula developed by Dr Bach himself for momentary distress (physical and psychic) that shocks or energetically disrupts the organism, and we can help ourselves in times of trouble. It is only taken when there is distress, and as soon as it is felt, it stabilises us energetically. It is excellent for agitation, insomnia, despair, anger, stammering, fright, trembling, or a rush of fear before an exam, doctor’s appointment, performance, meeting, or other dreaded event, as well as when we are stressed by an encounter with a spider, a snake, or a fall on a bicycle, among other things. t is also beneficial for the stress we experience when we are in the midst of an accident.

It is a good idea to keep the Rescue Remedy on hand at all times as it may come in handy before or after an (un)expected energetic shock. However, for developmental, long-term, or severe emotional distress, it is preferable to help yourself with a personalised blend, which should be taken daily for a while. This provides holistic support where it is most needed. The effect is only visible when the blend is fully individualised and contains the appropriate combination of essences for the individual at the time. It is always preferable to use a Personal Bach Remedy Blend (drops prepared for a specific person in their current emotional situation) rather than drops for problems in general. Pre-made general blends for a specific problem, such as insomnia, lack of energy, stress, or weight loss, are a popular commercial ploy, but they are not individually tailored to the person and are thus usually less effective.

By ordering the drops, you can learn about the underlying emotional distress (yours or your child’s) through my interpretation of your personalised blend; however, you will need to schedule an appointment for an in-depth Internal Mapping or Individual Holistic Counselling.

The Personal Bach Remedy Blend can be used as a stand-alone support or as an extension of the Individual Holistic Therapy.

A bottle of the Personal Bach Remedy Blend (30 ml) that lasts a month, along with the corresponding counselling (by phone, online or in person), costs 40 €.