As long as the energies are circulating according to the genuine, divine principles, the person is in good health. When imbalances occur, illness develops.

TCM has its origins in Taoism. It is over 4,000 years old, being one of the oldest medical systems in China. It includes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, which vary according to the methods. They all follow the precept that the spirit influences reality and that the human is an indivisible whole made up of 5 organ sections. The organism is always influenced by internal and external factors, both beneficial and pathogenic. It is also important to consider the cycles in which life takes place. Energies are constantly circulating between the skies and the earth, and the human organism is part of this whole. As long as the energies circulate according to the genuine, divine principles, the individual is in good health. When imbalances occur, they cause illness.

The organism defines illness as an improper functioning of the internal organs, which is reflected on the surface of the body. Different “illness images” or patterns exist for the same illness, which cause the illness to develop, while treatment is applied in different ways according to these patterns.

In the field of TCM, I apply my knowledge of the 5 elements, internal organs and energy pathways to my work. Methods include acupressure, reflexology, and auriculotherapy, as well as nutritional therapy, healing poultices, healing with clay or water, breathing exercises, meditation, and more.

AURICULOTHERAPY is based on the idea that the ear is a symmetrical projection of the entire body, and that all organs and tissues correspond to specific points in the ear. Therapy at these points helps treating the corresponding part of the body. It is part of the techniques used to alleviate pain.

REFLEXOTHERAPY acts on the body and the soul. By stimulating certain points on the foot where the organs are mapped as in the ears, eyes, and on the palms, the functions of certain organs can be influenced.

ACUPRESSURE is based on the energetic concept of life and health. A person is in good health as long as there is a free flow of energies in the body. When the flow is obstructed, slowed down or blocked, the organism suffers and illness occurs. Stimulation of certain points in the body removes these obstacles and promotes healing.

A healthy diet combined with moderate exercise makes it easy to maintain the body’s balance. When the balance is disrupted, food can be used to help regain balance. We strive for a holistic nutritional balance of different ingredients, as well as taste, colour, and energy. It is quite easy to help ourselves with individual flavours which have an effect on the energy system that strengthens and balances it, but can also weaken it.

Clay is a highly valued method of natural healing as it has the ability to absorb toxic substances, thus eliminating them from the body. It is also antiseptic and contains substances that promote wound healing.
Clay can be applied topically, as a poultice, or consumed. Before consuming clay, you should consult a professional, as it may cause contraindications.