A disruption in the energy flow is the source of all negative feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Rather than focusing on the disease or pain itself, the PEAT methodology focuses on the source of the problem, on uncovering negative beliefs and patterns.

It is a method developed by Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski that is an extension of acupuncture, kinesiology, pranayama (breathing techniques), various methods of meridian (energy pathways) use, and energy psychology methods. The understanding of energy flow through the meridians is the foundation of the PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation in Transcendence) methodology. As a result, it can also be classified as meridian therapy. These work on the invisible basis of emotional and psychological disruptions, as the source of these disruptions is always in energy field disturbances. It is necessary to work on the underlying energy field structure in order to achieve healing or a shift in spiritual consciousness.

A disruption in the energy flow is the source of all negative feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. The PEAT methodology focuses on the core of the problem, uncovering negative beliefs and patterns, rather than on illness and pain, though it can be used in this context as well. It also addresses emotional and mental barriers that obstruct the best possible outcome.

At the same, the PEAT methodology promotes inner development and strives for liberation on our spiritual path.

We must remember, however, that the main work begins only after we have completed the PEAT process, because once we have shed the burden, we must also learn to live without it.

The therapeutic method allows for the resolution and removal of a wide range of traumas without eliciting emotional reactions. The session does not need to be repeated if the core of the problem is well defined and the individual is active in putting what he or she has learned into practise.

What is the process of therapy or energy transformation?
The person maintains consciousness of his or her problem while gently touching the appropriate points on the corresponding meridian, stimulating electrical currents and redistributing energy in the aura. This results in the neutralisation of unpleasant states of consciousness and the body. As a therapist, I take you to the heart of the problems so that you can overcome them during the process. Neutralisation makes you feel lighter and more connected to yourself.